Every day, in every part of Italy, tour operators and tourist resorts use one or more of Graffiti 2000’s products.

Programmers, graphic designers and web designers are already working on new solutions – keep up to date with us.

  • Community-Team

    The Community-Team is a team of specialists at your service, a network of writers, editors and film-makers who will be your voice in social networking communities, helping you to listen to community members and to communicate with them.
    After all, social networking has created a new language, with its own grammar and rules, which the Community-Team experts have skilfully mastered to make conversations easy and to keep them going. The secret lies in creating high-profile contents.


    Learn about the new web platform specially designed for holiday resorts –, a fast, easy system that guides you as you create your web site.
    It takes only a few minutes to create a technologically advanced web site that is easy to manage and with continuously evolving services. You choose the graphics – there are hundreds of models available.


    This service is designed to ensure your hotel has the best video presentation.
    More than 83% of travellers now surf the Internet to plan or book their holidays, so a video of the hotel in the hotel’s web site is now associated with reliability. As long as the video is professionally made, bookings increase. With we can offer you a truly strategic integration between the world of videos and the Web.


    Learn about the instant messaging service designed for tourist resorts. allows you to easily manage online booking requests (made by customers directly on your web site) in real time.

  • Press Release Management

    This CRM platform is designed for sending company newsletters and managing your contacts (which can be divided into customer categories). Simple and easy to use, Press Release Management can be adjusted to fit into any internal management system.

  • CMS proprietary platform

    This solution provides multi-level content management and is therefore ideal for middle-sized and large businesses (including multi-national ones) that have to manage the contents of more than one web site at a time.

  • Gestione Scuola

    Gestione Scuola is the electronic class register that can make many of the procedures carried out every day in schools easier to deal with. It only took a few years for the system to successfully become part of the daily life of hundreds of students, teachers and parents.